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Hair Salon Facebook Package

Busy Salon Owners and Stylists know that Facebook is a key component of their marketing strategy and don’t want to fall behind the curve. Facebook is on the verge of having Two Billion users, therefore your customers are definitely using Facebook! Don’t miss out on maximizing Facebook for your benefit!

blond beachy sample
Sample Custom Graphic with your branding added

I am offering an affordable monthly Facebook Management Package that includes the following awesomeness:

1. Free initial 30-minute consultation to discuss branding, color and font choices. Can be via Skype or in person.

2. Monthly 15-minute conversation to review the previous month and ideas for the upcoming month.

3. Create an initial digital graphic/flyer for you to engage your customers in store. This encourages your customers to like your page, leave reviews, or post selfies of their new look, therefore increasing the traffic on your Facebook business page!

Monthly package includes:

• Posting Monday through Friday for a total of 20-23 days per month, starting on the first Monday of the month.

• 1 post per day for each of the weekdays
     Monday – Graphic
     Tuesday – Article
     Wednesday – Graphic
     Thursday – Article
     Friday – Graphic

• I will engage with audience by providing questions/polls for them to answer and in addition, will interact with and alert you if you need to follow up.

• I will create 4 customized and uniquely branded graphics per month for your Facebook page and apply hashtags. These are yours to keep – you can use these graphics on other forms of social media such as Instagram or Twitter.

• You will provide 8-10 photographs per month of customer hairstyles, nail designs and / or makeup designs (and provide preferred wording – simple description of what is being featured, possibly customer first name) and I will edit if necessary and apply hashtags. Customers will enjoy being featured on your site, and will likely share with their friends!

• I will curate 8-10 articles (or post articles or product reviews that you provide) and apply hashtags. It may mean more product sales for you if customers can read about the products that you offer in your shop.

Promotion for your salon/services for only $89.00 per month!

Contact me today so that we can get you started on making your Facebook business page SHINE!




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